Multidisciplinary, Personalized & Integrative. Shifting Perspectives.


There is no one test to diagnose ADHD. Instead it is a process that requires gathering information from multiple sources.


ADHD Center of Connecticut offers a wide range of treatments, drawing from many different modalities to help every patient in a unique personal way.

Multidisciplinary Support

Our team is composed of pediatricians, behavior & executive coaches, therapists, acupuncturists, mindfulness coaches and so much more.

Our Mission

We strive to provide students and their family with the most up to date medical, behavioral and integrative treatments to ensure each individual has all the resources needed to achieve success at school, home and with peers in their extracurricular activities.

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Our evaluation starts with gathering information. Part of the diagnosis for ADHD requires that symptoms be present in 2 or more settings that interfere with an individual’s ability to succeed in those settings. We do this by asking parents and teacher to complete rating scales for ADHD. Parents/guardians should complete the forms independently without input from the other. Getting as many teachers to complete the form is most helpful but not always possible, you can ask coaches, tutors or after-school teachers to complete the form as well.


Our evaluations include the following:

  • One hour parent/guardian visit to obtain detailed developmental, medical, behavioral and academic history
  • Patient evaluation including comprehensive history, physical and neurological examination
  • Educational evaluation from teachers
  • Psychological and/or Neuropsychological Testing
  • Developmental assessments
  • Laboratory Data
  • Review of previous assessments and testing

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“ADHD is a neuro-behavioral disorder that results in a constellation of symptoms/behaviors that interferes with an individual’s ability to succeed in different settings such as school, work, home. The symptoms usually appear before the age of 12, may last into adulthood and may include inattentiveness, hyperactivity or impulsivity.”


Developmental Pediatrician

“There is no one test to diagnose ADHD. It is a process that requires gathering information from multiple sources to determine if the symptoms the individual is experiencing are due to ADHD or conditions that mimic ADHD, while at the same time assessing for co-existing disorders that can contribute to a patient’s behavioral and learning difficulties. “


Director, ADHD Specialist

Every person with ADHD or any of the associated disorders has a unique combination of symptoms and complaints. It is essential to be thoroughly evaluated by professionals who are experts in the diagnosis of these conditions. It is even more important to personalize the treatments for each individual, so they may learn and thrive in every part of their lives.

Multidisciplinary, Personalized & Integrative. Shifting Perspectives.

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