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Portal Access and How To Send A Message

How to Sign-Up and Activate Your Family Portal:

Our patient portal is called “My Kids Chart”.  You can sign up at our front desk at your visit or call 203-229-2000.

You will be emailed a password to the email associated to the account/child (there can be more than one email associated to the account/child).

Click on the link to My Kids Chart and enter your password.

You can access your portal here or by visiting our website and click on Patient Portal in the upper right corner.


Is Your Child 18 years or Older?

The portal is set up to give access to parents/guardians of patients under 18 years of age.  When they are 18 and older, the patient has to grant permission to the parent/guardian to access their medical records.  If you wish to access your young adult’s records, please have him or her fill out the following form by clicking here.


If you wish to link a new email to your portal account, please email/message us through your portal or call the office at 203-229-2000 and we will add it to your account.


How To Get A Form through “My Kids Chart” (Patient Portal):

How To Send A Message Through “My Kids Chart” (Patient Portal):

Once you are signed up and activated, you may send a message to anyone in our office through your portal.  We recommend you put the department and/or person you are trying to reach in the subject line of the message so that it is easily routed to where you want it to go.

Note that messages should never be used for urgent matters or anything that needs addressing within 24-48 hours.