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Be Fit/Stay Fit: Weight Management

Be Fit/Stay Fit Program is designed to help children and adolescents learn how to live a healthier lifestyle through nutritional education, medical management and regular exercise.

  • Be Fit/Stay Fit begins with a medical recommendation from a medical provider.
  • Each participant will then have an individual nutrition assessment and lab testing as necessary to assess lipids, liver and kidney functions.
  • A point system will be used to help motivate participants.
  • Visits and re-assessments are customized to the needs of the individual participant.

Medical Evaluations:

Melissa FraherThe program begins with a visit with Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Melissa Fraher,  who is trained in nutrition and will obtain a detailed history and perform a comprehensive physical exam, order laboratory studies, and address any associated emotional or behavioral issues.  The goal of this visit is to identify any conditions that may accompany an unhealthy weight or lifestyle.  Following this visit, the participant will have a personalized nutrition and exercise program created for them.  Families will also be educated on healthy eating habits as well as guidelines for shopping and cooking healthy meals.  Sometimes medications and

supplements may be needed and will be prescribed.   If any emotional or behavioral issues have been identified the participant will be referred to our behavioral health team for further evaluation and


Be Fit/Stay Fit Daily Diaries for Food & Exercise:

Following up with your Food Journal and your Fitness Log each week is an important part of helping the BeFit/StayFit program be a success.

Download the weekly Food Journal and Fitness log each week and bring to your next class.  Don’t think of this as homework…think of it as a fun way to help you develop a healthier lifestyle!


For more information or to make an appointment, contact us at 203-229-2000.

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