Are The Kids Alright?

Nov 20, 2020
Are The Kids Alright?
Are The Kids Alright?

our healthcare providers know that many of our kids are not alright. They are dealing with frustration, anxiety and depression – of the worsening pandemic, remote or isolated in-person learning, missing face-to-face friendships and playdates, just wanting to be hugged by grandparents and other family members – like in “the old days”, just 10 months ago. 

Behavioral Telehealth appointments are perfect for children and teens who are struggling.

These appointments will help children and families understand their feelings and give them solid tools to deal with overwhelming feelings of sadness and worry, crying jags, excessive sleeping or eating, burgeoning obsessive behaviors like hand washing, cleaning or exercising, and a growing fearfulness of leaving the house – and so many other troubling new behaviors that this pandemic has caused in our children. 

Behavioral Telehealth appointments are a really good idea for kids who appear to have it all together too, to make sure they are not tamping down dangerous feelings or harmful concepts. A check-in appointment can reassure parents that children and teens are getting the resources they need to maintain or improve mental health. 

Make a telehealth appointment by clicking here or calling 203-229-2000. Please allow our Behavioral and Mental Health providers help your children – and your family.