Baby Basics Classes for Expecting parents.

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New patients

New Patients

We are the most comprehensive pediatric practice in the area.

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Is Your Child Sick?
All Day Access. Everyday.

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TCFAP new services!

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Welcome to The Center for Advanced Pediatrics!

At the Center for Advanced Pediatrics (TCFAP) we believe pediatrics isn’t just about children’s health, but about caring for the entire family every step of the way.  We offer  innovative programs, like a staffed pediatric urgent care, breastfeeding friendly pediatricians and lactation consultants, travel medicine, parenting classes, behavioral/mental health support, and nutrition. We set national standards for pediatric primary care and medical home integration.

We invite you to visit our state of the art offices where our focus is to provide a friendly and inviting environment for children of all ages. With our easy to use portal, families have unparalleled access to their child’s records and visits as well as the ability to email their pediatrician directly through their portal.  We strive to make your entire experience with TCFAP positive in addition to getting the best possible care for your family.  We accept most insurance plans including State Husky & Medicaid programs for primary care, specialty care and at our on-site, after-hours urgent care center open early/late and weekends.  Learn more about joining the TCFAP family here.


Are you planning summer travel? A semester abroad?

We offer Travel Medicine consultations for patients and their families. We even offer the Yellow Fever Vaccination. However, travel these days requires CAREFUL PLANNING!

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Family & Friends CPR classes offered

Family & Friends CPR is for anyone who wants to learn CPR but doesn't need a CPR course completion card to meet a job requirement.

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Managing Your Picky Eater

Summer is bursting with fresh strawberries, cherries, blueberries, peaches, tomatoes, summer squashes, colorful peppers - it’s a vibrant, luscious symphony of taste and color! For many families, this smorgasbord isn’t joyful, but incredibly aggravating. For them, the only kind of...

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When your child gets bitten by a bug this summer, it may cause a bit of an itch and nothing more. It could also cause dangerous infections and diseases. What’s biting out there? Mosquitos, first and foremost, but also ticks,...

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