Avoid the Physical Appointment Rush! Schedule Now!

May 25, 2021
Avoid the Physical Appointment Rush! Schedule Now!
Avoid the Physical Appointment Rush! Schedule Now!

Not only is the weather edging into glorious, the CDC is loosening COVID-19 restrictions as more adults, and now younger teens, are getting vaccinated. Our kids might just have a summer very close to normal, and that means camps and sports again!

Getting your child’s physical completed as soon as possible will make enrolling and attending camp and sports smooth and easy. Now, The Center for Advanced Pediatrics is making it smooth and easy to schedule these physicals too. 

Click here and you can schedule your child’s physical to fit your schedule, and our office will call you to confirm and go over any questions we have before your child’s appointment. 

Why will there be a rush for physicals this year?
Many parents delayed their children’s physicals and annual exams last year. We get it – why bring your child in when they aren’t playing sports or attending group activities? 

This year, there will be a significant rush of “catch up” appointments in addition to our patients who normally schedule appointments at this time of year. The earlier you schedule, the more likely you will be able to select your best and most convenient appointment time. 

Why does my child need a physical anyway?
Physicals for camp and sports ensure that your child is healthy enough to participate in all possible activities. Your TCFAP care provider will look for any changes in pre-existing conditions, and for anything new that could cause a problem if not treated promptly. 

We’ll make sure any allergies are under control, that any asthma or allergy medications are renewed and refilled, and that other prescriptions are also renewed to be sure your child is safe while at camp or sports practice. We’ll talk about any recent injuries, like sprains or concussions, that might limit your child’s participation.

What happens at a physical?
Your TCFAP health care professional will:

  • Review your child’s medical records 
  • Make sure all vaccinations are up to date
  • Ask about family history
  • Take vital signs including pulse rate, temperature and blood pressure
  • Measure height and weight
  • Discuss any dietary concerns
  • Check throat, lungs and heart 
  • Check muscle tone and spine alignment
  • Check vision and hearing

We’ll also complete any specific physical or medical examinations your particular camp or sports organization requires, and we’ll complete all forms so your child is ready to enroll. 

So I should schedule now?
Yes, you should! Click here to access our schedule and make an appointment that fits your schedule. If you have any questions, or have trouble accessing the schedule, please call 203-229-2000. We will be happy to help!