Parenting Problems

Jul 29, 2015
Parenting Problems
Parenting Problems

Positive Parenting to the Rescue!

Are you struggling with your child’s behavior? Bring out the best in your child and your relationship with your child. Learn skills that will help you turn your child’s negative behaviors into positive ones. Different children need different approaches.

You know something has to change in how you deal with your child or you wouldn’t be reading this page. Awareness is good, but you must be willing to take a new approach. Are you willing to scrap what you’ve been doing and try a new way? It’s time to do something different…something that really does work.

The Center for Advanced Pediatrics has a certified parent management therapist who can help your family achieve the behavior goals you are looking for. The skills provided help parents to handle most situations encountered at home and at school and get the results they are looking for.

Call now @ 203-229-2000 and get the help you’ve been looking for!

More info about Kazdin Parent Management from the Yale Parenting Center

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