TCFAP is making it easier for you to enjoy summer!

May 17, 2019
TCFAP is making it easier for you to enjoy summer!
TCFAP is making it easier for you to enjoy summer!

Schedule your children’s physical now – for camp, school, sport or annual exam – and beat the summer rush!

When you schedule with our office now by clicking here or calling (203) 229-2000, you’ll get an appointment that best fits your schedule and prepares your children for all their upcoming activities. We have opened more appointments on your physician’s schedule, now and during the summer, to help make scheduling your child’s visit even more convenient for your family.

Do you have someone heading off to kindergarten, high school, college or transferring to a new school? Congratulations! We can help make the transition easier by making sure all your student’s healthcare needs are met and all necessary forms are completed for a smooth and positive enrollment and acclimation.

If your child or your family is traveling to Asia, Africa, South America or the Caribbean, please call our office to schedule a travel visit at least six weeks before departure – we can take care of adults too! With measles outbreaks and other infectious diseases and illnesses impacting the international community’s health landscape, your family and your child need the most up-to-date information, vaccination confirmations and preventative health advice before your child or your family leaves on that trip!

An annual physical exam or well visit, is important each and every year. Here at The Center for Advanced Pediatrics, our focus is on preventative care, following The American Academy of Pediatrics Bright Futures recommendations, keeping your family healthy and happy between annual exams.

Not quite sure if your child is due for an annual well visit? You can click here for the recommended schedule of well visits and vaccination schedule or call our office and ask us to check your child’s records. We are happy to help.

Make your appointment now by clicking here or calling (203) 229-2000. We’ll help make your family’s summer a healthy and happy one!