Yes, Get Your Teens and Young Adults Vaccinated!

Mar 29, 2021
Yes, Get Your Teens and Young Adults Vaccinated!
Yes, Get Your Teens and Young Adults Vaccinated!

With the surge in COVID-19 vaccination availability, our communities are feeling more positive about 2021 and a return to normalcy. Here at The Center For Advanced Pediatrics, we are pleased to see the Center for Disease Control is recommending children over the age of 16 receive the vaccination. 

Even better news – beginning April 6th, any Connecticut resident who is over the age of 16 is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination. We are delighted this is being offered to our older teens and young adults. Widespread vaccination in this age group will be instrumental in fighting the spread of COVID-19 to keep our kids in high school and on college campuses. 

The Center For Advanced Pediatrics strongly recommends getting your child over the age of 16 vaccinated as soon as possible. Whenever your family has the opportunity – at a local pharmacy or community vaccination center – we urge you to get vaccinated. 

At this time, our practice has not been informed of when we can order or receive the vaccine, and we are waiting for instructions from our state and local health departments. As soon as we are notified that we are getting the vaccine, we will notify our patient families. 

Please do not wait until TCFAP has the vaccine. We urge you to have your children vaccinated immediately when the opportunity arises.

When your children are vaccinated elsewhere, please obtain a proof of vaccination. Access your child’s patient portal and send us a message with the information on their card so we can enter this life-saving vaccination into your child’s medical record.

Research is now being conducted into vaccination safety and efficacy in children as young as 6 months old. While severe COVID-19 cases in children are uncommon, kids are very likely to be asymptomatic spreaders within our community. It is vital that everyone who is able gets vaccinated when possible.

In the meantime, keeping your children of all ages as healthy as possible is important as we fight this pandemic together. Make sure your child’s regular vaccinations are up to date and call us if they have a runny or stuffed nose, cough, fever, sore throat, or difficulty breathing or shortness of breath. 

If you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccination for your child over the age of 16, or COVID-19 infection symptoms, please call our office 203-229-2000. We are always happy to help!